Kiss of Revenge Opening (Seiyuu)




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Anonymous asked:

Kbtbb guys reaction when catching the mc walking home with another man while their driving

voltageandheadcanons answered:

Eisuke:  When Eisuke was driving around, he saw you walking home with another man. It was your childhood friend. Eisuke got pretty upset, so he pulled over. “Hey ____. I have some important business with you. Get it the car.” You felt bad for your friend, but you got it. “Hey Eisuke. What was that business anyway?” Eisuke pulled over so he could kiss you. “There was none. I just didn’t want you alone with other men.” You put on an annoyed pout, but actually, you were really glad. It made you happy that he got jealous. 

Baba: You were walking to the maid dorms with your friend. He offered to take you home because he called himself a gentleman. Baba was driving around with Ota. He saw you walking with another man, but tried to stay cool. Ota was trying not to burst out into laughter because of Baba’s reaction. Apparently he wasn’t hiding it very well. When your friend had to leave you for an emergency, Baba pulled over and smiled at you. “C’mon pretty lady. I’ll take you home.” Baba said. While you got it, Ota was telling you all about how he was jealous and his reaction. Baba blushed slightly when you let out a giggle. 

Ota: aka baba’s revenge   Baba and Ota were going out for a fun drive. Ota was in a really good mood, so he actually took Baba with him. He pulled over to yell at Baba for teasing him, but he saw you walking with your guy friend. He stared for a while and pouted. Ota constantly mumbled to himself that it was okay to trust you. While he did this, Baba called you over. “Heey pretty lady! Get in the car! Let’s go for a drive.” Baba yelled out. You decide to leave your friend and go with them. Baba started telling you all about how Ota was jealous and he rambled on how cute you look. Ota blushed when you smirked a little. “G-gee…..I totally wasn’t jealous.” Ota bluffed as he gave Baba a piercing glare. 

Mamoru: Mamoru was forced to drive around with the guys. Pretty much all the guys except Soryu, made him. It suddenly started raining. You got soaked in the rain with you guy friend, and tried looking for shelter. Luckily, Mamoru was here at the time. He forced you into the car and got a taxi for your comrade. When the other guys were messing around, he mumbled, “____. Don’t worry me like that. If your in trouble, tell me. If you were alone with a man…Well, who knows what could happen? And since you don’t realize this, you’re still just a kid…” Mamoru seemed harsh, but he was actually really worried about you. You smile slightly at this. 

Soryu: You were walking with your best friend. He was already taken, but he joked around with you. Soryu saw you two and pulled over. “Hey _____. Can you come with me for a second?” You entered Soryu’s car. After a little drive, he pulled over and apologized. “…Sorry. I just got really jealous. That was really immature of me.” Soryu mumbled. He looked down. You sighed out and gave him a soft, gentle smile. You kissed him on the forehead. “There’s no need to get jealous. You’re the only one for me Soryu.” You chuckled. Soryu blushed and embraced you. 

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